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Is your horse a Rock Star? A Lone Wolf? A Macho Man? By combining the eight personality traits - Dominant or Submissive, Energetic or Lazy, Curious or Afraid, Friendly or Aloof - sixteen possible personalities emerge.

Is your horse Dominant (D) or Submissive (S)? How much control does he need in his world? Where is he in the pecking order? In the top half, the bottom half? The Dominant horse wants control while the Submissive horse needs a solid leader.

Is your horse Energetic (E) or Lazy (L)? How much effort does your horse put into his work, his life and his play? Energetic horses are expressive and enthusiastic, giving the impression that they could go all day. Lazy horses are generally laid back offering short bursts of energy when and as needed.

Is your horse Curious (C) or Afraid (A)? How does your horse approach his life and his learning? How does he handle new things in his life? Is he the bold, curious one that has to touch everything new that he sees? Or is he the tentative one, hanging back, waiting for someone else to go first, waiting to see if they come back alive? Curious horses learn quickly and bore just as quickly. They love variety in their learning and activities and they generally love going new places. Afraid horses prefer repetion and need to be kept safe. They learn slowly and can maintain the focus needed to master technical skills.

Is your horse Friendly (F) or Aloof (A)? How is he motivated? Friendly horses are motivated by the relationship while Aloof horses are motivated by the job or task. The Friendly horse is personable, interactive and communicative. He is trying to figure you out, and usually trying to please you. He loves attention. The Aloof horse is the introvert.Because he is a horse he will not want to be totally alone as he needs the heard to feel safe. But you will find him on the fringe of most activities.

Click on the picture to take you to a brief description and some helpful Do's and Don'ts. Take the Personality Quiz. For more detailed information on horse personalities, refer to Dessa Hockley's book, Is Your Horse a Rock Star? Understanding Your Horse's Personality.



DECF The Rock Star
The Rock Star

DECA The Macho Man
The Macho Man

DEAF The Wild Card
The Wild Card

DEAA The Boss
The Boss

DLCF The Reluctant Rock Star
The Reluctant Rock Star

DLCA The Prize Fighter
The Prize Fighter

DLAF The Accountant
The Accountant

DLAA The Skeptic
The Skeptic

SECF The Goddess
The Goddess

SECA The Worker Bee SECA The Worker Bee description with do's & don'ts.
The Worker Bee

SEAF The People Pleaser
The People Pleaser

SEAA The Perfectionist
The Perfectionist

SLCF The Steady Eddy
The Steady Eddy

Do's and don'ts for the Solo Artist.
The Solo Artist

SLAF The Wall Flower
The Wall Flower

SLAA The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf

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DECF The Rock Star description with do's & don'ts. Macho Man description with do's & don'ts. Description and do's & don'ts of the Wild Card personality. The Boss, description with do's & don'ts. DLCF The Reluctant Rock Star description with do's & dont's. Description and do's & don'ts of the DLCA Prize Fighter. Description with do's and don'ts of the DLAF Account. DLAA The Skeptic description with do's & don'ts. Description with do's & don'ts for the Goddess. SEAF Description with do's & son'ts for the People Pleaser. Description with do's & don'ts of SEAA The Perfectionist. SLCF the Steady Eddy description with do's & don'ts. SLCA The Solo Artist description with do's & don'ts. SLAF description with do's & don'ts for the Wall Flower. SLAA description with do's & don'ts for the Lone Wolf.