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Meet the Horseplay Horses

Tony the Pony

Tony is a Welsh Cobb. He's an unlikely character to sign up for Horseplay!
He came with lots of anger fueled by fear. But he's mellowed with time. And no, he's not a Rock Star, though he's featured on the cover of Dessa Hockley's book, "Is Your Horse a Rock Star"!

Tony the Pony


Sam is a friendly, gentle soul. He really, really wants to trust people and so he's a wonderful candidate for Horseplay. Since he is a Missouri Trotter, riding him is like riding a big, soft, rolly-polly teddy bear - if you find
that comfortable!

Sam is a Missouri Trotter


Sid, short for Siddhartha, is an introspective, serious horse. The character Siddhartha, from the book of the same name, leaves home in search of enlightenment. He goes through a series of changes and realizations on his journey. This is very much Sid's story!



Spike is Sid's half brother. Like brothers in most families, they have little in common - other than a somewhat mysterious quality that may come from their aloofness. Spike has many talents. Though in mid-life, he prefers to keep a low profile!

Spike the mysterious.


Diva is a beautiful goddess princess and the only mare to sign up for Horseplay. Her expressiveness and her ability to communicate what she wants make her an honest, and to her credit, somewhat pampered and noteworthy mare with humans as well as other horses.

Diva the goddess princess.


Ulysses is the largest of the horses in our herd (18 hh)! His life's journey has been about feeling safe and feeling good about himself. He is a Swiss Warmblood who has learned through the herd who he can be - confident and even playful!

Ulysses is a Swiss Warmblood.

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