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last updated: December 4, 2011

  Introduction to Horses From the Ground Up  

This brand new program takes a child or adult through a progression that will equip both the horse and rider for a potentially fabulous experience. Built on a foundation of intuitive listening, feel, good communication, trust and respect, it all begins with a language you both can understand. You can do this program with your own horse or you can work with one of the horses at Liberty Stables.

Start by learning how to approach a horse in the herd. Observe herd behavior firsthand. How do you tell if a horse is safe to approach? How do you tell one horse from the other? How do you handle a strange horse approaching you? How do horses communicate with each other? Grooming, feeding, foot care and more are covered. Get to know each other on the ground, at liberty. Develop trust and respect through ground exercises such as the Shed, Friendly Game, Approach and Retreat, and moving the horse around through Pressure and Release. Get on and off safely. Ride for the first time with “Feel” (being led, no saddle, no reins). Breathe, relax, move with the horse. Now add the saddle (optional) and a rope halter and start riding safely and with confidence. Navigate the barrels, a pole course, some obstacles.

Lessons are 1 ½ to 2 hours at a time. Catching and grooming your horse is part of the lesson. You can learn something new every time you go out into the herd. Progress at your own pace.

“This program is unique and most of all, fun!” says Cathy.

For more information, contact Cathy at 403-931-2438 or email her at


Take the Quiz on Face Book & Join the Discussion Group.
Take the Quiz on Face Book & Join the Discussion Group.

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