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last updated: December 4, 2011

  Lessons & Consults With Dessa Hockley  

Dessa teaches mostly private lessons so she can focus exclusively on you and your horse. Many of her clients board their horses at Liberty Stables. Some also trailer in for regular lessons. She also provides consultations for people and their horses to get a feel for where the relationship is at and to show people how to start approaching their horses with feel and awareness. Her gift is in being able to interpret the horse’s subtle language for awakening humans.

Here’s what she has to say about her approach to teaching:

“Teaching has been my life’s work. I have taught students how to get their horses to go faster, turn quicker, and jump higher. I am done with that now. I am now the student. I watch while new horse owners teach me how to listen to a horse on a level that I previously did not think was possible. The “new” riders have no preconceived ideas on what horses should and shouldn’t do and so they allow. Old me would have said, “You can’t allow him to do that, he will take advantage of you.” But the new me has learned to watch and observe and the most amazing things are happening. The horses are teaching their people, proud to strut their stuff, and show me as well just how much they are willing to give if all the pressure of rider expectation is removed.”

“The horses allow me a small role. I get to help the rider learn to sit more balanced – old equitation stuff, but with a new purpose of getting out of the horse’s way.”

“Occasionally, we still get a horse owner bringing their horse to us with a problem. We don’t see them as problems, just a door opening for a journey to begin. The owners that are brave enough to go back to ground zero, release all training notions and really listen to their horses are in for a beautiful gift. The best part is that I get to share that gift over and over again as I watch these amazing relationships unfold.”

For more information on lessons or consults with Dessa, call 403-931-2438 or email her at


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