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Cathy & Smoke

Cathy works with Dessa Hockley at Liberty Stables. She often has her camera handy to
photograph horses, horses and their people, and the gorgeous scenery around the ranch.

Cathy’s type of photography is about timing and light: timing in the sense of having camera in hand ready to take photos of whatever shows up; and light because the light can conceal, reveal, warm, cool, blur or highlight any subject. Cathy is drawn to warm sunlight, especially in the morning and early evening. The foothills provide an amazing backdrop with its combination of fabulous views and big sky beauty. Enjoy these photos of some of Cathy’s favourite moments.

Cathy did the cover and author photos for “Is Your Horse a Rock Star?”. She is available to do a “portrait” of you and your horse or to photograph your horse in his or her natural
When ordering prints from the photo albums please state the album number and the full file extension found above each picture.  For more information on ordering contact Cathy Thomas.

Email her at for more information.

Cathy Thomas
Photo Album 1
"Favourite Picks"
Photo Album 2
Margit and friend.
TheBeautuful Tegra.
Photo Album 3
Photo Album 4
Photo Album 5
Photo Album A (10)
Margit & friend
The Beautiful Tegra
Angie getting inside his head.
Ladies Fall Retreat 2010 (2)
Ladies Fall Retreat 2010 (3)
Angie, getting to know you.

Winter 2010/2011
Album 1
Album 2

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