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We have a number of programs at Liberty Stables geared towards people who want to focus on their relationship with their horses. Some of our clients are brand new to horses and have a life-long dream of being around horses. They are drawn to horses sensing that there is something amazing awaiting them. Other, sometimes very experienced horse people, are wanting to salvage a relationship with a horse or with horses in general, or change the way they’ve always been with horses. As Dessa has noticed, “Sometimes this path is more difficult. Learning to listen, to ride with feel, to be fully aware and to allow the horse to be fully aware, is a challenge with an experienced rider.” But as the proverbial layers of the onion are peeled away down to the core of who we truly are as reflected in our relationship with horses, and as we re-build, we begin to discover our true potential and to let go of old ways.

Cathy Thomas and Dessa Hockley combine their lifetimes of learning and working with horses and people alike in these innovative programs. They’ve left the old behind to facilitate unique experiences.

Cathy, recently “retired” from over 22 years with the Calgary Humane Society developing programs and working with people to better the treatment of animals, brings her extensive experience as a leader and a life coach and her love of animals, specifically horses, to the Horseplay programs.

Dessa, owner of Liberty Stables and author of Is Your Horse a Rock Star? Understanding Your Horse’s Personality, has more than 30 years of experience working with horses and teaching riding and horsemanship in a variety of disciplines. Her insatiable curiosity and ingenuity has taken us places we never knew we could go!

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