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SEAA The Perfectionist

DECF Rock Star
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SEAA Perfectionist
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SLAA Lone Wolf
SLCA Solo Artist


SEAA The Perfectionist

SEAA The Perfectionist
(Submissive Energetic Afraid Aloof)






Shy, suspicious, sensitive! Are you a solid, consistent enough rider with low enough expectations to be able to work with this horse? They need a solid, well planned out training program to be able to perform well. They want a job that they can perform perfectly. Each step in the training process needs to be methodical and repeated until they really, really get it. If things get too hard to handle, this horse’s evasion is simply to leave – mentally, emotionally, and physically if possible. If they find a job they like and are allowed to learn it slowly and correctly, they will give you an endless amount of effort.


Be a firm fair leader
Allow a lot of exercise
Keep them in a safety box
Use baby steps/safety circles
Provide solid guidelines


Be wishy-washy
Fuss over them
Change the program
Skip steps in training
Speed up until solid

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