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SLAF The Wall Flower

DECF Rock Star
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DLCF Reluctant Rock Star
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DLAA Skeptic
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SLCF Steady Eddy
SLAF Wall Flower
SLAA Lone Wolf
SLCA Solo Artist

SLAF The Wall Flower

SLAF The Wall Flower
(Submissive Lazy Afraid Friendly)







Wrap these sweet, kind, gentle horses up and keep them safe. They are not very brave and tend to internalize their worries. They want to please and will try very hard for you, but they can be pushed too fast very easily. They make few demands of you and are quite content to perform the same tasks repeatedly as long as you are pleased with them and the jobs are not to strenuous. The Wall Flower can be quiet enough for the beginner once they understand what is expected of them.


Be their leader
Keep them safe
Build trust slowly
Keep tasks simple and repetitive
Cuddle them lots
Spend the time it takes
Appreciate them


Expect them to go solo
Scare them
Over face them
Be overly demanding
Ignore them
Hurry them
Take them for granted

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