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Testimonials from Workshops & Demos

These are from people who have attended workshops or demos by Dessa Hockley, trainer and author of "Is Your Horse a Rock Star". We welcome veiws and comments by all and will be pleased to post them here. We embrace change and welcome positive growth at Liberty Stables and of course," love the horse!"

Nancy Staples
To Cathy Thomas
re: Intro to Horse from The Ground Up Program Calgary, Ab.
Just wanted to let you know that Lindsay and Amelie absolutely loved their lesson with you and Anita on Friday. They chattered on and on all the way home about how great it was! Both of you have a terrific rapport with the young, inexperienced riders.
We are very much looking forward to next Friday at 4:00

Patricia Cameron
Executive Director,
Calgary Humane Society

  Calgary, Alberta

To Cathy Thomas

It was an amazing day, space, experience and the team is already letting me know how much they enjoyed the day. Thanks for making all the arrangements and being such a gifted teacher and facilitator.
The whole group really enjoyed the experience and felt it really honed their ability to be present and to observe and respond more directly rather than respond through preset ideas.

Joanne Braithwaite
Mane Event Chilliwack, B.C. Oct.29th.-09
Pebble Beach Productions

I just wanted to thank you so much for your book! We talked at your booth and, in very short order, you figured out that my horse was a Reluctant Rock Star. I bought your book and, after running through the personality quiz, I confirmed that you called it right. I am amazed at how accurate your description of him is.

I incorporated a lot more praise in my ride today and had a really great ride. He sure likes to have his ego stroked!

Thanks for coming to the Mane Event, and best of luck with all your endeavors.


Colin Jorgensen
March 14th - Lethbridge Dressage Club-Talk & Demo "Personality Typing Your Horse"

Very interesting to watch and learn. It was fun stereotyping our own horses based on the information Dessa shared. I am glad I attended and found Dessa a pleasure to listen to...very approachable and knowledgeable.

Carolyn Otto

Lethbridge Dressage Club - Talk and Demo -"Personality Typing Your Horse"
Excellent workshop! Great balance of theoretical and practical. I loved the demos and the interaction between Dessa and the participants as we analyzed each horse. I wish we could of used my horse. I really liked your groundwork demo with horse no. 6.


Amanda Preston
  Polar Pintabains & Brightbank Arabians

Had some friends over for dinner last night and we were playing with your book. It was bang on with every horse we tested it to! I hadn't had the opportunity to read through it previously but we were so impressed that I bought 6 copies this morning. Bob Williams (see and I are thinking about making it a mandatory test for compatibility before selling horses.
Thanks again for all your hard work, it's certainly paid off!!!!

... Amanda Preston

Park Stables,
Calgary, Alberta


Judy Peacock
Feb.23 2009

I signed up for a clinic on horse personalities without any preconception about this topic or the presenter herself. It was said to me that “she has a cool way of describing your horse’s personality”.

Right from the introduction I knew that there was a lot more to this ladies approach.  Dessa was continually coming up with great ideas for each individual and she has a fabulous approach to horsemanship.  She was able to get you to look at your horse in a different light to see their unique personality, likes and dislikes - do they want to be touched or are they just comfortable to be with you?  It was fantastic how she showed all of us that there was never a bad trait or personality but just a different approach on how to work with it.  I was amazed at how the horses in the clinic were so different from each other which only substantiated her approach all the more.  Immediately following the clinic I bought her book, came home and opened the pages to find out more about my horse and her personality.  I will be riding with a new educated way by understanding her distinctive character in the years ahead.  This new found skill will most certainly be added to my repertoire when I go to purchase a new horse in the future.

Thank you Dessa!

Judy Peacock
Park Stables

Stable boy

Joined: 26 Aug 2007
Posts: 47
Location: Deroche, BC

Post subject: Horse Personality Clinic
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I saw her at the HHH conference and her methods for training horses based on their personality traits is sound. It is also really cool to see how to tell what your horse is (personality wise) and how each type respond to the different methods and different human personalities.

Riders and horses welcome

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